A man and woman sitting on the beach next to a tree.

Family Portrait Photographer

Searching for the best Santa Barbara based photographer for your family photoshoot? Family photographers all have their own style, strength, and ways of connecting with children. In every family photography session, Madeline offers a blend of posed and candid photos. She offers a professional setup with studio lighting and backdrops but will shoot anywhere on location (i.e. parks, your home, etc.)

Candid, Intimate Portaiture
Family photography images can range from intimate close-ups of toothless grins to action shots of crawling tots. Madeleine’s photos reveal her unrehearsed, candid style and her style is genuine and refreshing. She is able to capture the candid, silly moments shared between children and parents that makes her images timeless.

Madeleine always focuses on movement, emotion, and relationships—three areas that help capture the unique personalities of her subjects. She is committed to producing not only great photographs but also works of art that are passed down through generations. During every session, she captures each subject’s unique personality, Love and perspective with artistic flair.