A black and white photo of a woman in a bathing suit.

Fashion and Branding Photographer

Madeleine’s Photography has been offering Santa Barbara Fashion Photography for over 30 years. It is a blend of two art forms and should accentuate the perfection of all apparel branding and portraits. Neither medium is stagnant. As the two mature and change, they work together to compliment the beautiful range and identity of each.

Fashion photography itself is constantly changing, uniquely encapsulating the rotation and repetition of time. What is currently considered to be chic in the apparel industry today is merely a fresh take on yesterday’s style (i.e. when bell bottoms returned in the nineties). With the help of an Editorial Fashion Photographer, designers and clothing aficionados can record the history of clothing, perfect present day fashion and predict the fads of the future.

Madeleine Vite has analyzed the the transformation of clothing throughout the decades. Her background allows her to shoot models in cutting-edge styles, allowing society a glimpse of what is to come.

Madeleine uses her artistic eye and experience as a model herself to keep her fashion photography unique, relevant and cutting edge. She mixes popular trends of Editorial Photography with her own distinct style. Her images are grounded and recognizable yet visually different than those of her counterparts. Tactics such as incorporating motion into stills and utilizing shadows to add depth, capture a dynamic range of scenes while focusing on the art worn by her models. Also showing at the end of the collection are self portrait fashion images of Madeleine taken by Madeleine her self in locations all over the world.

The secret to capturing the perfect image is to evoke emotion from the models. Madeleine’s photographic style is enhanced by her skillful manipulation of the mood within her studio or on location. By pushing the models, arousing reactions and creating a dialogue, Madeleine is able to produce stunning photographs. As a Fashion Photographer in Santa Barbara. she has experience shooting apparel cowgirl magazine and editorials.