A young woman posing for a photo against a black background.

Portrait & Headshots

Searching for the best headshot photographer for your business or profile portrait? As a professional Headshot photographer in Santa Barbara, Madeleine’s Photography understands how difficult it is to find your true face and see your emotion within. Nobody really likes having their picture taken.

Madeleine is an expert in finding your real human facial expression. She uses specialized techniques to create stunning portraits, persionality photo shots and every kind of headshots for her clientele. This isn’t a factory – Madeleine is invested in every session.

She is passionate about making images that are unique, personal, and expressive (whether in her studio or at your business). She will talk about what type of clothing to bring and how many outfit changes you might need. Madeleine can also assist with your makeup and hair (if requested) and provide some clothing to ensure you get a great headshot. I also provide if needed digital makeup and AI location and artistic backdrops.

Immediately after your photo session, you will sit with Madeleine in her editing room and pick the photos that you love the most. There might be 60 photos for you to review and you can pick your favorites. You also have the option of picking out how much Photoshop enhancing you would like – it’s your photo session; you have complete control! By the end, you will have experienced a great photo session and have an image’s that will last you for years.

You will always receive all images within hours after your photo shoot.